World Qualifier Central

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I won't make a video unless you want me to but sing in your head "it's the most wonderful time of the year" 
This will be the location for all brackets, match schedules and other information over the next 5 weeks of "Championship Season"
Congratulations to "Whack It" for winning 9 Ball World Qualifier. Just Click on their name to see them, and the link below for the complete bracket. Thank you to all teams and players for a very smooth event. Y'all were awesome!!! 
Please see 8 Ball World Qualifier Rosters with Stating SLs below:
As a reminder, all starting SLs and records are the best session ending SL since your team qualified or the player's current SL whichever is higher. If a player has a question about their own personal starting SL, I would be willing to discuss it with that player as time permits during the event.
We have gotten feedback that some people have already made arrangements to play in Master/Ladies and/or Team Captains events according to the original schedule so we WILL NOT be changing any tournament dates. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Congratulations to "Too Many Daves" for winning 9 Ball Tri Cup and "OMNI" for winning 8 Ball Tri Cup. Click on their team name to see who they are.